Whittier Harbor photo with a mountains in the background


About Whittier, Alaska

Welcome to the spectacular community of Whittier, Alaska!

Map of Alaska with Whittier marked.

If you drive the Seward Highway heading southeast from Anchorage for about 60 miles and pass through the historic Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, you will arrive at the pristine wilderness at the head of Passage Canal and find the city of Whittier nestled between breathtaking mountains, emerald forests, and a sparkling blue sea. Whittier is a gateway to the mesmerizing wilderness of the Prince William Sound and each summer, thousands of visitors arrive at this magnificent city by ship, train, or car.  

The people of Whittier are as varied and unique as the landscape that surrounds them. Locals love sharing stories of incredible firsthand experiences from “the winter winds of Whittier,” to the huge halibut they once caught, to the highs and lows that come from having most of the community live in one main building. Whittier is truly a land like no other. 

Come to Whittier to see an exciting array of wildlife. Birders enjoy spectacular views of bald eagles, great gray owls, and the elusive peregrine falcon. Across the bay, visitors can witness the controlled chaos of the largest Kittiwake rookery in the North Pacific. Porcupines, black bear, mountain goats, salmon, humpback whales, sea otters, orcas, and harbor seals are known to visit Whittier and its bay during the summer months, too. Fishermen enjoy the bounty of 15,000 square miles of Prince William Sound, one of the richest wild marine fisheries on the planet. 

If action is more your style, Whittier will not disappoint! The historical, 10,000-year old Portage Trail is located on the right as you roll into town. Horsetail Falls and Emerald Point Trails are impressive, improved trails with unsurpassed views. Jetskiing, kayaking, boating, and glacier day-cruises are all options to enjoy. There is plenty of wilderness to explore. 

We invite you to take a deep breath, slow down, and take it all in! Wild and wonderful Whittier awaits!